Injections Triplast offers packaging services and delivery at a competitive cost.
We will manufacture your products to your company’s specific needs, package them and your products will be ready for retail market.

We also provide transportation at a competitive cost and have your products delivered on time to your customers.


Injections Triplast offers customers a complete assembly services to customers who requires a complete product ready for shipment without additional costs.
Our assembly department strives to assemble the simplest to the most technical parts ensuring a quick turnaround without never minimising in quality.
We also offer the services of high quality bonding assembly using the following technology:

Ultrasonic Welding
Chemical Welding
Press fitting


With our expertise and attention to detail our goal is to ensure the highest quality prototypes with accurate for, fit and function in the fields of SLA, 3D Printing and CNC machining.

We take your idea from something as simple as a sketch and transform it into an innovative product specifically designed for your needs.